Mission To provide eco-friendly accommodations and experiential learning/adventure travel services to vacationers and groups visiting the Virgin Islands.

About Discovery Grove, an eco retreat on the island of St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands, offers charming West Indies-style accommodations set on the grounds of a former 18th century sugar cane plantation. At the base of Blue Mountain, Discovery Grove is a magical place where our guests have the freedom to explore towering bamboo stands, inviting mango and guava berry trees and winding nature trails. Guests come to Discovery Grove seeking a special vacation experience that embraces relaxation with outdoor adventure activities including guided hikes and water sports. Whatever your interests, Discovery Grove offers a rich environment that embraces St. Croix’s diverse culture and natural beauty.

History Discovery Grove has hosted guests from around the world that have experienced the unique blend of St. Croix's West Indian culture and breath-taking beauty. Located on the grounds of Estate Canaan, a former sugar cane plantation from the 18th century, remnants from the past blend with new island charm on this 12 acre oasis featuring nature trails, mango orchards and tropical rainforest.

On St. Croix, history never repeats itself. Seven different flags have flown since Columbus' 1493 landing in Salt River. Those of us who studied American history back in the states know Columbus backwards and forwards, and yet, few of us ever learned that he was perhaps the first European tourist to visit our "American Paradise"….. or that the first settlers of St. Croix were the Igneri, Taino, and Carib Indians, predating Columbus' visit by centuries. Click here to learn more about St. Croix's history.

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